1. Prices and Terms of Sales:
Published prices are subjected to change without prior notice.

2. Payment Terms: 

Major credit cards including VISA, MasterCard and American Express are accepted.

3. Warranty:
All products carry a 60-day warranty unless otherwise specified. If the item is defective upon arrival, or fails within its warranty period, a replacement will be shipped at no cost or full credit will be refunded to customer's account upon return. All items reported defective will be tested upon return. If the item tests good, a 20% restock fee will be charged to the customer. Any unused items must be returned within 30 days of product shipment. A 20% restock fee will be charged to the customer for all returned unused items.

4. Limitation of Remedies: 

If the product is proved to be defective, the exclusive remedy should be refund the purchase price of or to repair or to replace the defective item.

5. Minimum Orders:
 $100 minimum on each order. A surcharge of $10 will be applied to all orders under minimum amount.