Founded in 2002, Beijing Laser-Partsmart Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of parts for laser printers, we can manufacture more than 2000 kinds of products such as Fuser Film Sleeve, Heating Element, Thermistor & Thermoswitch, heat rollers, pressure rollers, lamps, pickup/feed rollers, separation pads, delivery rollers, covers, paper guides, gears, bushings, cleaning rollers,

caution labels, etc. All these products are extensively tested by quality control experts to ensure high quality. Therefore, we are able to offer you best quality products with very competitive prices. These products are the number one choice for printer maintenance and fuser remanufacture industry.

Owing to the hard work and advanced management, Beijing Laser-Partsmart Co., Ltd. successfully passed ISO 9001 qualification processes and obtained ISO9001:2000 QMS Certification in

November 2004 and ISO14000 Certification in August, 2007. These are important milestones in showing that we have made great progress in ensuring our product quality meets leading worldwide


With an acute discernment to the market and the quick development of parts for most recent printers, we do believe, in the future, where there are laser printers, there are parts from us.